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New English Please

Richard Harrison

New English Please is a fully-integrated two-level course in everyday English intended for beginners in the Arab World. It is aimed at those who have little or no prior knowledge of English and who may also be unfamiliar with the alphabet. The content of the course is selected to be of interest to today’s students and relevant to their needs. However, awareness is also shown towards cultural sensitivities that there may be in certain areas of the world.

Aims and approach:
The main focus of the course is on accuracy and fluency. The aim is to build up the student’s knowledge of the language and confidence in the use of all the language skills. A steady, step-by-step approach is used which emphasises recycling of new language and practice in the skills.


Workbooks and Teacher’s Guide
New English Please is accompanied by Workbooks to provide additional practice for class or home use and a teacher’s guides which offer teachers guidance, tests and suggestions for further exploitation of the material.

Hours of study
Each level of the course represents approximately 60 hours of classroom study.

The course takes the learner from complete beginner to the elementary, A1-A2 level on the Common European Framework.

New English Please 1

New English Please 2

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