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Keep Writing
Bk. 1 and 2. A writing course for Arab students

Richard Harrison (Longman)

A basic writing coursebook designed to develop the writing skills of Arab students. It is a two level series which takes the student from writing at sentence level through to writing simple paragraphs.

The main aims of the coursebook are to familiarize students with the basic conventions of spelling, punctuation, capitalization and to enable them to write simple and accurate paragraphs on a variety of themes. The main units cover the functions of description and narrative and each unit deals with the language forms associated with the particular function and topic. The book aims to concentrate on the skill Arab students find most difficult and contains a pull-out teacher's guide.

Book 1:
Friends and relatives; introducing yourself; describing places 1 (countries, cities, towns and villages); describing places 2 (streets and houses); describing a day; describing a scene.

Book 2:
Narratives – a biography, a story; giving instructions; giving directions; describing future plans
This very popular series is widely used in schools, colleges and universities throughout the Middle East.

ISBN (Keep Writing Book 1)
ISBN 13: 9780582030220
ISBN 10: 0582030226

ISBN (Keep Writing Book 2)
ISBN 13: 9780582059733
ISBN 10: 0582059739

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