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Academic Writing and Critical Thinking (Canford Publishing)

Framework: Academic Writing and Critical Thinking provides a structured approach to the improvement of academic writing. It develops the student's writing skills in English through encouraging students to think clearly and critically.

The Framework approach makes use of 'thinking frameworks' and 'writing frameworks' which help students to plan their writing (essays, reports, articles). These frameworks enable students to first, reflect on a topic, and then plan and organise their ideas.

Writing skills.
Students develop skills such as: organising different types of essay; writing a report; describing graphs, tables and charts; referring to sources and avoiding plagiarism.

Critical Thinking.
Students develop skills such as: looking at both sides of an argument; defining terms; commenting objectively on data; solving problems and evaluating solutions; and building strong arguments.

Framework reinforces the language of academic writing, focusing on: sentence building, subordination, describing data, using 'tentative' language, and reporting and paraphrasing.

Framework is a low-intermediate to intermediate course aimed at:

Framework provides a useful supplement for the academic writing component of Academic IELTS.

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