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Better Writing

Richard Harrison (Garnet Education)

Low to intermediate development of writing skills, focusing on writing at the paragraph level.

Better Writing is designed as a supplement to main course books at the low-intermediate to intermediate level. It will benefit those studying at secondary and tertiary institutions and adults undertaking training as part of their work or business experience.

The author takes a step-by-step approach to the teaching of writing skills. Each unit begins with activities designed to increase awareness of what writing in English involves, and includes practice in mechanical skills (spelling, capitalization and punctuation), the construction and linking of sentences using conjunctions and subordination, and grammatical aspects. Through controlled and guided practice, students are gradually led towards writing accurate, cohesive, appropriate and more interesting paragraphs involving a variety of topics and functions.

These include:

Key Features
Each unit is divided into two sections. The first section includes:

The second section covers:

Better Writing is available in International and Arab World editions. It was written as an extension to the ‘Keep Writing’ series.

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