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What is Happening to Written English?
Harrison, Richard. 2004. Perspectives: Volume 11. No 3
An examination of the historical trend towards the simplification of written English and the closing gap between the written and spoken language.

In Search of Right and Wrong: language change and the increasing use of an initial ‘and’ in written English
Harrison, Richard.  2006.  Perspectives: Volume 13 No 2

A discussion on how to give students rules for the use of language in the face of continuing and unprecedented language change.

ELT materials writing: a beginner’s guide
Harrison, Richard. 2007. Published in English Teaching Professional, Issue 53 (under the title Materials writing).
A discussion on the nature of teaching materials including published, in-house and supplementary materials – and how teachers can get involved. 

Academic skills: what are they and how do we teach them?
Harrison, Richard. 2007. Paper presented at TESOL Arabia conference, UAE. March, 2007.
Description and classification of academic skills and sub-skills and suggestions of how they can be taught explicitly within the context of a foundation year programme.

Dealing with Motivation as a Classroom Issue
Harrison, Richard. 2009. Paper presented at TESOL Arabia conference, UAE.  March, 2009.
The different sources of student motivation and how the issue of motivation among Foundation Year students was addressed at the German University of Technology in Oman.

Teaching Critical Thinking to Foundation Year Students
Harrison, Richard. 2011. Paper presented at Taibah University ELC conference, held in Medina, Saudi Arabia. April, 2011
How the teaching of critical thinking is incorporated into the study skills and academic writing programmes in the Foundation Year of the German University of Technology in Oman.